Our teams police the entirety of Central London's railways with an aim to keep you safe and make you feel secure while you travel. Our Neighbourhood Policing Teams look after stations all over the country. The teams have a specialist knowledge of the area they work in, and can cater to the particular needs of your community.

Teams in London

Our priorities

  • Joint working with industry to prevent violent crime and public order.
  • Work with industry to prevent physical assaults and threats against rail staff to deliver successful prosecution, whilst also providing a high standard of support for victims.
  • Increase communication from BTP to stakeholders, in relation to staff assaults and violent crime.
  • Joint working with industry to reduce graffiti murals, and bring offenders to justice.
  • Preventing serous violent crime by keeping knives and weapons off the network.
  • Improving staff and customer confidence by tackling the issue/time/location of most concern.
  • Improving reliability through faster incident response and fatality handback times and preventative action to tackle incidents such as trespass, criminal damage and suicide.
  • Tackling theft of passenger property through a multi agency problem solving approach.
  • Tackling sexual offences and harassment by improving victim confidence to report and tackling predatory behaviour/serial offenders.
  • Tackling hate crime and supporting those that feel vulnerable to victimisation.

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